i love watching my innocent friends slowly transform into beautiful horny butterflies as we get older

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how DARE u ask me to correct my problematic behaviors which directly affect and contribute to the oppression of oppressed people??? this is some social justice warrior horseshit I tell ya!!!

I miss the good ol’ days where you could oppress people in peace without them complaining about it, what nerve. Take me back to the 50s where ‘everyone knew their place’ and ‘everyone was a lot nicer and respectful’.

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my dad never let me borrow his fergie cd because she was lookin sexy on the cover and he didn’t want me to what? masturbate to it? well little did he know that that exact action was what turned me gay. should’ve lent me that cd, dad

i thought you were gay because your mom used to play you cher songs while you were still in the womb

i make posts up all the time i have no idea who my real parents are

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