science has proven that:

  • blood isf actually green oxygen just turns it red
  • clouds DONT EXIST theyre an optical illusion
  • dogs can talk, theyre just too shy
  • obama can skateboard
  • onion;s are fucking disgusting
  • youre a shrimp
  • everyone is a shrimp

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Anonymous asked:
why do you feel the need to be so public about sexual aspects of your life. It makes it look like you are desperately seeking attention and it's not cute


literally unfollow me right now i’m so sick of people trying to think i’m so hungry and desperate for attention when i’m blogging about my literal own fucking life on my blog like what if i needed advice?????what if i wanted to just vent??????my blog is literally JUST FOR ME AND ANYONE WHO FOLLOWS IT IS OPEN TO LISTEN LIKE JESUS CHRIST STOP FOLLOWING ME IF YOU THINK I’M SEEKING ATTENTION BECAUSE I WILL LITERALLY NOT CARE IF YOU LEAVE BYE SEE YA LATER THERES THE DOOR 


when youre in 1st place in Mario Kart and someone throws a blue shell


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